Remember the following benefits of frequenting Queen B's Quilt Shop!

* 'Customer Loyalty Program'. For every dollar you spend at Queen B’s Quilt Shop you will earn 1 point excluding, permanently marked down
         or permanently discounted merchandise. 
Your points will be kept current with a running tally on your receipt. 
When you earn 250 points they can be redeemed for $12.50 in store merchandise upon your next visit to the store.
* 'Senior Day', every Thursday all seniors age 55 and over will get 15% off of any *regularly priced merchandise.
* 'Class Rewards', 10% off of class supplies.
* 'Happy Birthday! Discount'. Get 15% off of any *regularly priced merchandise on birthday. If your birthday falls on a day we are closed you
         may shop the day before or after. Bring ID please.
* The 'Bolt of the Day' rewards you with 30% off any regularly priced on the bolt fabric except class days.
* 'Quilt Back Tuesdays'. On the Third Tuesday of each month bring in a completed pieced quilt top and receive 30% off of all regularly priced
        bolted fabric for the backing. You must bring in the completed pieced quilt top to receive the discount.

                                                     *Excludes classes, quilting services and sewing machines*
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